Elite Killer

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  • Category Action/Adventure
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.5.4
  • Size 43 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Program available in English
  • Content rating Mature 17+
  • Package name com.yx.sniper
  • Program by CanaryDroid
    Start Chambers, Wickham’s Cay II, P. O. Box 2221, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island

Elite Killer is an engaging and action-packed shooting game available for Android users. It offers a thrilling experience with a combination of good graphics, a wide range of weaponry, and challenging tasks.


Elite Killer stands out with its captivating gameplay. As a trained special force agent, the player's mission is to navigate through enemy lines and complete various objectives. The game starts with basic levels that are relatively easy to navigate, but the difficulty gradually increases as the player progresses, thus keeping the interest alive.

The game boasts a variety of missions, each with its unique challenges. These missions range from eliminating specific targets, defusing bombs, and rescuing hostages. The diversity in missions keeps the game fresh and prevents it from becoming monotonous.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Elite Killer are commendable. The detailed environments, coupled with smooth animations, contribute to an immersive gaming experience. The sound effects are equally impressive, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

However, some players have observed that some weapons do not load quickly. This can be a minor setback, especially during high-intensity combat situations where every second count.


The control system of Elite Killer is designed to be user-friendly. The movement controls are located on the left side of the screen, while the shooting and action buttons are on the right. However, some players have reported difficulties with the control system, suggesting that it could be improved for a smoother game experience.

Weaponry and Upgrades

Elite Killer offers a wide range of weapons for players to choose from, including rifles, machine guns, and missiles. This diverse selection adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must decide which weapons are best suited for each mission.

Additionally, the game features a comprehensive upgrade system. Players can enhance their weapons' firepower, accuracy, and reload speed using the in-game currency earned through successful mission completions.


  • Engaging and challenging gameplay
  • Good graphics and sound effects
  • Variety of missions and weapons
  • Comprehensive upgrade system


  • Some weapons load slowly
  • Control system could be improved

In conclusion, Elite Killer is an exciting shooting game that offers a good mix of action and strategy. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in weapon loading times and control system, its engaging gameplay, good graphics, and a wide range of missions make it a game worth trying for any action game enthusiast.

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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